Online booking and emailing please communicate the days and times you are available this is easier and faster, I will need your full name, email, and phone number. There will be an intake form to fill out which helps me understand your goals, focus, or medical needs; in turn, I can have questions and answers ready before your appointment. I use these two methods of communication because it cuts our time playing phone tag, it's easier for me to look at the intake forms so I address your needs at the appointment and discuss further in detail.

The intake form is emailed to you and has a place to add what you expect and would like for your massage session. Please fill out the intake form before the session.

What is important for me to know is your full name, email, phone/cell, blood thinning meds, past surgeries, injuries, diseases/conditions, allergies, pregnancy (12 weeks +, any complications), under 18yrs old must have guardian present, emergency contact, and signature.

Just remember everyone deserves to feel their best and at peace, I wish I could provide one session miracles, it takes time but the reality is it works for everyone who likes this therapy. It is a blessing I get to massage you.

If you do not fill before your session, we will do this during your session time if I have a client after you.

Business Hours

  • Address
    588 Main Street (Front door)
    1st Floor, Ste 6
    Shrewsbury, MA 01545
    In the same building as Willy's Steak House,
    Parking lot in the back, 2 black doors on side of the building the door on the left is the correct door.
    Font or side door it's up to you located on the 1st floor.

    Business Hours:
    Monday-Friday 10:30 am-7 pm
    Saturday 11 am-4:30 pm
    No walk-in appointments are available at this time, however, online booking allows you the same day.

    24-Hour cancellation policy, if a no-call no-show occurs, the next appointment must be paid-in-full upfront.